David Haigh

Statement from David Haigh on Dubai Court hearing in October 2016

The below is a statement from David Haigh  on the orders of the DIFC Court of October last year, from a hearing held whilst David was an in patient for 7 weeks a the Priory hospital receiving treatment for the torture. David has requested permission to appeal.

“The entire process against me – from the time I was tricked by GFH into flying to Dubai to this latest biased judgement – has been an abuse of process and of my human rights.

Incredibly, this latest hearing was held during the seven weeks I was in The Priory Hospital in the UK being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.

This was as a direct result of the abuse and torture to which I was subjected while being held in jail for almost two years in arbitrary detention in Dubai.

Because of this I was not present at the hearing. Even had I been fit, I could not have attended the hearing since the DIFC court refused to guarantee my safety and freedom were I to return to Dubai, which I had requested.

My lawyers were also not permitted to attend the hearing as the DIFC ignored requests to register them with the court and I was prevented from filing a full defence, including the expert reports and evidence which would prove my innocence at any fair trial.

Both GFH and the DIFC were fully aware of my situation following letters sent to them by my doctors and lawyers.

Interestingly, when the matter came before an English court just before this ‘judgement’ was handed down, GFH lost their application to serve papers on me in The Priory relating to the DIFC hearing. They were also ordered to pay costs.

I now look forward now to GFH seeking to enforce the orders made against me by the DIFC court in an English court where my lawyers and I are confident its judgement will be thrown out.

English courts, as the British government is aware, have made several recent rulings in other cases based on their belief that the Dubai courts lack independence and do not offer a fair trial.

We will also be taking action against GFH and their lawyers in the USA and in the UK, in whose judicial systems I have total faith.

While I cannot, like many UK judges, have any faith in the Dubai justice system I have also requested permission to appeal the DIFC judgement.

Meanwhile the actions of the UAE, the DIFC court and GFH are now before the United Nations.”

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