David Haigh of Stirling Haigh, Toby Cadman Barrister at Guernica International Chambers Parliament Square press conference

Guernica International Chambers join David Haigh’s legal team

Guernica37 files preliminary inquiry to investigate Mr. David Haigh’s torture in United Arab Emirates

Image by: International Campaign for Freedom in the UAE

Having been a victim of torture whilst detained in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), Mr. David Haigh has instructed Mr. Toby Cadman of Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers.

Mr. David Haigh, the former Managing Director of Leeds United Football Club, was arrested and imprisoned in Dubai, the U.A.E., in March 2014, for a period of 22 months.

His arrest, was on the basis that he had ‘falsified’ invoices and unlawfully channelled funds to bank accounts that he controlled, allegations that were, and are still, vigorously denied. He was convicted and then pardoned. The rearrested hours before he was due to fly home, for “twitter slander” held for a further 5 months then acquitted.

The allegations and therefore his subsequent detention, are baseless.  However, regardless of this, the treatment he suffered in custody does, on any objective view, amount to torture.

Mr. Haigh was beaten, physically assaulted, tasered, and subjected to sensory deprivation.  Such abhorrent treatment has no place in any democratic system based on the rule of law.

Further, Mr. Haigh was also forced to watch other prisoners being tortured in front of him, again, abhorrent treatment that simply cannot be justified under any circumstances.

Since being back in the UK, Mr. Haigh has undergone, and continues to undergo, treatment for physical and dental injuries sustained during his detention.

Further, psychological assistance has also been sought following a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) arising from torture. Mr Haigh is currently in hospital in London undergoing treatment.

There can never be a justification for such treatment, and those responsible must be investigated and where appropriate, prosecuted for their actions.

We have today filed a preliminary inquiry with SO15 at the Metropolitan Police and will, over the coming days and weeks compile more detailed submissions and evidence that will be forwarded to the authorities, with a request that an investigation be opened.

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