DIFC Court breaches David Haigh’s human rights

David Haigh’s doctors have written to, or their reports have been given to, the Dubai Courts (DIFC Courts) to request a 6-week adjournment whilst David is in Hospital recovering from torture and sexual abuse at the hands of the Dubai Authorities’. The letters are dated 21st June 2016, 16th September 2016 and, 3rd October 2016.

David has asked that we publish the letters in the interest of transparency and to help publicise mental health, as nothing to be ashamed of, and to highlight the continuing Human rights abuses of Dubai’s courts.

The letters state:

“[Mr Haigh is] is suffering a mental disorder of such severity as to warrant his urgent admission”

“His mental disorder is related to severe psychological trauma. He is involved in legal proceedings related to this and it is crucial for his recovery that he avoids any direct involvement with this for at least 6 weeks. This is to avoid any further pain or suffering and to maximise the affect and to increase the chance of treatment being effective.

“He is taking powerful psychotropic medication, which may affect his concentration and memory:

“Mr Haigh is being nursed in an environment where access to the internet, Wi-Fi and mobile telephones signal are strictly limited.”

“I have advised Mr Haigh and he has consented, in the interest of his health and recovery that he should not be forwarded any mail or correspondence, which arrives at the hospital during his time of admission”

In response the Dubai Court’s Mark Beer found it appropriate to write to David on the 20th September 2016 at the Hospital, whilst David was being treated in a psychiatric hospital, ignoring the requests of the Doctors, demanding David take an active role in proceedings from Hospital.  Demanding David review and produce detailed documentation from his hospital bed.  Following this letter, David’s doctors, wrote a further letter to the Dubai Courts directly, no response has been received.

“I am writing to confirm Mr. Haigh remains a patient in hospital. He is in a vulnerable mental state and his level of risk is such that he is on 15 minute observations. He has been advised in the interests of his health to avoid any activity at this time other than focusing on his treatment and recovery, this includes engaging in any activity or interaction that relates to or reminds him of his ordeal in Dubai, such as engaging with this Court.”

“It should be noted that the Priory IT system does not allow patients to send or receive emails through the system. “

David’s legal team intend to use the actions of the Dubai /DIFC Court as yet further evidence of their flagrant breaches of basic Human rights.

If you want to support David’s fight for justice, you can do so here


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