David Haigh & his legal team launch Justice 4 Haigh

Ex Leeds United Football Club managing director and his team of supporters launch new campaign for justice and transparency in Dubai & DIFC Courts.

Justice 4 Haigh’s aim is to promote transparency and achieve justice for David Haigh, the former managing director of Leeds United Football Club, following his 22-month nightmare in Dubai Police custody and Dubai jails. Also, critically, to highlight the ongoing abuses and plight of the thousands upon thousands of the worlds citizens locked up and hidden in Dubai’s criminal ‘justice’ system, whose human rights are horrifically abused every moment of every day.

David’s was lucky, his nightmare ended when leading international charity Human Rights Watch called for his immediate release in March 2016 and for charges against David to be dropped. Days later David was acquitted on ‘Twitter slander’ charges after years of arbitrary detention, unfair trials and torture and was back home in the UK for Easter in March 2016.

Justice 4 Haigh will be a one-stop-shop for information about the legal and illegal processes against David Haigh by GFH Capital Limited and about legal process by David Haigh against the UAE (Dubai and the DIFC Courts) in the United Nations, GFH Capital, Hisham Al Rayes, Jinesh Patel, Peter Gray, Gibson Dunn and Crutcher. Those that wrongly accused David tried to hide the truth by having David locked up, this site will set that right. Now that David is released and no longer subjected to fear and oppression, those responsible can be bought to account on the world stage.

The aim is to publish even single document in relation to David Haigh’s cases and GFH Capital Limited, detail even action and every word by every party, full transparency.

David Haigh was the victim of a criminal conspiracy to human traffic him to Dubai by Islamic investment house GFH Capital Limited, Hisham Alrayes and Jinesh Patel and others so that he could be detained, indefinitely, in an Islamic country, whose justice system and jails are internationally notorious for their systematic abuses of human rights, corruption and lack of independence.  Concurrently, those responsible filed civil and criminal cases against David, when those where over they filed more. Claims David could not possibly hope to defend without access to lawyers, translators or funds.

David was wrongfully convicted of ‘breach of trust’ in 2015 by a Dubai court. He was not given a fair trial on even the most basic definition of a fair trial. He was denied access to translators, lawyers, was prevented from presenting his evidence or cross examining those accusing him, he wasn’t allowed in Court or even when he was he wasn’t allowed to speak and wasn’t allowed to see any of the evidence against him, all set against a background of torture, beating sexual abuse and inhumane and degrading treatment.

David was offered a Royal pardon 10 days after been wrongfully convicted, a pardon he did not accept. He was prevented from appealing his wrongful conviction to the UAE Supreme Court hours before he was due to fly home. He was prevented from appealing by GFH Capital Limited and Hisham Alrayes filing a false ‘Twitter slander’ case and by the DIFC Courts stopping David’s access to his money to pay for a lawyer, notwithstanding DIFC Court orders sating he could have such money.

David was acquitted of ‘Twitter slander’ having spending 5 months in jail in Dubai for this alone, the first British citizen in the world to have been jailed, for such length, for Twitter.

In custody he was tortured, beaten and sexually abused where the Dubai Police sought to beat false confessions out of David David was subject to extortion attempts by GFH Capital and Gibson Dunn and Crutcher, who attempted to force David into a civil settlement. As a gay man he was sexually abused and discriminated against on grounds of his sexuality, nationality and religion by the Dubai Authorities including the DIFC Courts.

David continues to fight for his right for a retrial in the UAE of the earlier breach of trust conviction to clear his name and for justice and compensation from those that are responsible for his 22-month nightmare.

This is a guide to and and information resource on the events, investigations and court proceedings that are connected with David Haigh’s cases. Including the human trafficking of David Haigh to Dubai and of the resulting legal cases, trials, abuse, torture and the unfair trials. Specifically, this site seeks to highlight the lack of independence, inadequacies, mistakes, errors and ignorance of the DIFC Court and Dubai Court, in the hope that the criticism will be taken constructively and create change in Dubai.

This guide is the first to map out the legal aspects of the cases, the controversies surrounding the luring to Dubai of David, the arbitrary detention, the torture, the discrimination, the ignorance of the DIFC Court, the unfair trials and David’s battle to fight for justice for himself but also the thousands of others suffering in Dubai Jails and arrested, wrongfully, everyday.

You can watch David talk about his ordeal to the BBC and SKY news on this website and on his website www.davidhaigh.co.uk.

You can also follow David as he rebuilds his life and help those suffering around the world with updates on Twitter @haighdavid and instagram @davidhaigh and Facebook www.facebook.com/davidlhaigh

You can follow this campaign on twitter: @justice4haigh, our website: www.justice4haigh.com and Facebook.com/justice4haigh

The guide is an archive of information that is in the public domain. When possible each and every judgment, document, pleading, letter, email, evidence will be published here together with commentary by David and his team on each.

Details of those that wrongly accused David, the lawyers, the judges and those that tortured, abused and sought to extort and blackmail David will be published here. Full transparency, nothing to hide and thousands of innocent people to help.

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