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David Haigh and his legal team launch Go Fund Me appeal

Ex Leeds United MD, David Haigh and his supporters, launch Justice 4 Haigh Go Fund Me appeal ahead of complaint to the United Nations. 

Justice 4 Haigh’s aim is to promote transparency and achieve justice for David Haigh, the former managing director of Leeds United Football Club, following his 22-month nightmare in Dubai Police custody and Dubai jails. Also, critically, to highlight the ongoing abuses and plight of the thousands upon thousands of the worlds citizens locked up and hidden in Dubai’s criminal ‘justice’ system, whose human rights are horrifically abused every moment of every day.

David’s was lucky, his nightmare ended when leading international charity Human Rights Watch called for his immediate release in March 2016 and for charges against David to be dropped. Days later David was acquitted on ‘Twitter slander’ charges after years of arbitrary detention, unfair trials and torture and was back home in the UK for Easter in March 2016.

You can watch David talk about his ordeal to the BBC and SKY news on his YouTube David’s YouTube  and on his website David’s website . You can also follow David as he rebuilds his life with updates on Twitter @haighdavid and instagram @davidhaigh and facebook www.facebook.com/davidlhaigh

How much money is needed?

David is hoping to raise GBP 500,000 to help him to pay lawyers for each of the cases. However, any amount raised helps David and also helps raise the profile of the countless abuses of human rights in the “justice” system of Dubai.

What will the funds be used for?

The funds raised by this campaign will be used for legal fees and associated costs to seek justice for David. David intends to seek an out of time appeal to the UAE Supreme Court to quash his wrongful conviction and to seek compensation for his wrongful detention and then acquittal over Twitter slander. David is defending the DIFC Court cases, from which he was prevented from filing a full defence and evidence. David is also taking the UAE to the United Nations over torture, arbitrary detention, unfair trial and discrimination on grounds of his sexuality, nationality and religion and with it David hopes to focus the world’s attention on the thousands suffering in Dubai jails, many innocent.

The funds raised will also be used to pursue a private prosecution in England of those responsible for David’s 22-month nightmare and to further civil cases for damages in the UK and the US. Specifically, David intends to sue Gibson Dunn and Crutcher LLP in the US for their involvement in human trafficking, denial of fair trial, wrongful detention, extortion, torture and personal injury that David was subjected to as a result of their shocking actions.

Where will the funds go?

The funds will go to David’s lawyers in England for them to pay David’s legal team. The funds will not go to David.

If David wins compensation, can I get my money back?

If David wins sufficient funds in compensation to repay funds donated, and once his assets are released, he will do so.

Donate & Support

The Dubai Courts, including the DIFC Courts have stopped David accessing his funds to pay for lawyers, translators, expert evidence and stopped his access to justice in Dubai. Now the Dubai Courts want to sweep David’s case under the carpet, after he was kept in internationally notorious conditions for 22 months, ending with his acquittal on ridiculous twitter slander charges.

David wants to continue his fight for justice until he receives recompense for his 22-month nightmare, and those responsible are bought to justice. In doing so he hopes to bring the worlds spotlight onto Dubai jails and ‘justice’ system so that the plight of thousands of the worlds citizens whose basic human rights are abused daily in Dubai is no longer hidden.

David wants to raise awareness of his case to stop corporates and unscrupulous law firms and individuals, like Gibson Dunn, thinking they can human traffic people to countries with weak judicial systems as a litigation tactic.

Why the case is so important?

This is not just about David. David’s cases and claims are internationally important and ground breaking cases and are setting case law in several jurisdictions. They are about protecting basic human rights for those that can’t defend themselves and about free speech. To stop in its tracks a global growing trend of unscrupulous law firms and people misusing week legal systems and torture as a litigation tool.

David’s cases is about highlighting the abuses and discrimination of David and others in Dubai to ensure they don’t happen to others in future.

Please help with as little or as much as you can.

Thank you


Web:                  www.Justice4haigh.com

Twitter:            @justice4haigh

FB:                    facebook.com/justice4haigh

Go Fund Me:  www.gofundme.com/justice4haigh

Email:              info@justice4haigh.com


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