David Haigh admitted to Priory Hospital

Following press reports that David Haigh has entered the Priory Hospital for psychiatric treatment, we wanted to confirm that the former Leeds United FC managing director has been admitted to the Priory Hospital. David was admitted on an urgent basis in September 2016. Sadly, David is suffering from Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) resulting from his treatment at the hands of the Dubai Police, Dubai Courts and those that set him up at GFH Financial group.

Treatment & Psychiatric Report

He is undergoing treatment for torture and sexual abuse which he endured over a 22-month period, which ended with his acquittal in March 2016 when he returned to safety in the UK.  In addition to treatment for PTSD David is also having treatment for facial, hand and foot fractures he suffered as a result of his Dubai ordeal, including treatment for sexual abuse.

We are attaching to this statement a copy of David’s Psychiatric report, which David specifically asked us to do. David wants to demonstrate that mental health is not something people should be ashamed of and should be talked about openly and transparently. David is under the care of leading psychiatrists and psychologists and we pray for his fast and speedy recovery.

David wants to thank all the well-wishers, doctors and nurses for their kind words, care, positive energy, prayers and support. These words of support are very valuable to David.

About David

For more information on David and his fight for justice, and to support his campaign please visit and

About the Priory

Many think of the Priory as a celebrity rehab clinic for the wealthy, this is not the case. The Priory is the leading provider of psychiatrist care in the UK and treats the needs of more than 30,000 people every year. Over 85% of the services provided by the Priory Group of Companies are publicly funded.


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